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The ICP sensor allows rapid optimization of coating properties within the spray booth. It allows the exploration of both in-flight particle state (temperature and velocity) as well as non-parametric parameters (substrate temperature, spray distance, and deposition rate), enabling a comprehensive correlation with process conditions.

In-Situ Coating Property (ICP-8) Sensor

ReliaCoat Technologies has develop a rugged  and robust sensor system capable of withstanding harsh thermal spray environments. The ICP sensor has been tested across multiple thermal spray processes, including APS, HVOF, Wire Arc, Flame, Cold Spray and Solution Precursor Spray, with various material systems. The sensor provides real-time coating stress evolution and deposition dynamics. ICP is the only sensor in the market that provides a direct linkage between process and design relevant coating properties.

Depositing a reproducible and reliable coating is critical to ensure proper coating performance.

The ICP sensor monitors process and coating deposition reliability via in situ stress measurement that will facilitate process troubleshooting procedures.

The ICP Application software is capable of creating a concise PDF output file which summarizes the deposition metrics and analysis results. This output will assist in maintaining a spray history as well as building a comprehensive database for each material system.

Current ICP Application Version:

The ICP sensor uses advanced thermo-elastic beam curvature measurements during coating deposition for real time extraction of residual stress evolution and the onset of cracking. The sensor distinguishes residual state of stress and process conditions for various material systems. The user can assess deposit integrity through the extraction of coating residual stress and elastic modulus. These design relevant properties correlate to processing and performance in both R&D and manufacturing.

ReliaCoat Technologies has incorporated sophisticated mathematical analysis into a simple user friendly software package. The application allows visualization of the deposit formation dynamics, process instabilities, and coating properties. In addition, the software will assist in monitoring repeatability of production processes and reproducibility of coatings; thus minimizing downtime and improving efficiency and reliability.